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Powerful antimalware tool. Browser Sentinel keeps you informed of all third-party extensions
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19 February 2011

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Surfing the internet today is an activity that can put you in peril. While visiting trusted sites may not cause any harm, if you explore unknown website there is every chance that you may pickup unwanted adware or were induced to download apps that seemed innocuous but are in essence applications to hijack your browser. Your standard antivirus tool simply cannot protect you from such threats on the internet and herein lies the need of a specialized tool for securing your web browser. Quite aptly named, the Browser Sentinel 3.0 offers you end to end protection from threats on the internet and stops unwanted elements to creep into your system.

On launch the Browser Sentinel 3.0 sports a neat grey colored interface with major action areas placed on the left pane. It offers you specific options to tackle out individual areas on the browser and scan them thoroughly. For example if you are running internet explorer and suspect that your content menu items have been altered, you can use the Sentinel program to check its elements and block the ones you are unsure about. The application allows you to check your startup programs along with process services that run in the background. It extends you the capacity to even check drivers for security issues and any apparent anomalies. Some of its most effective performance is seen against stealth applications such as keyloggers and adware programs which it neatly digs out of your system. It also earns kudos for is capacity to kill processes that your Windows task manager is unable to take down.

On account of its stellar performance and capacity to stop phishing attacks and block adware, we rate this tool with a score of four stars on a scale of 5. In case you love surfing the net, it makes great sense for you to have this sentinel onboard.

Publisher's description

Your PC is protected by a firewall and you're running the latest antivirus software. Why, then, do you continue to see adult and warez sites appearing in your browser bookmarks? Why are those malicious adware programs changing your browser start page, adding their own toolbars, and slowing down your Internet connection? There are a few things you should know about this. First of all, firewalls protect you from attacks initiated from the outside. But, they cannot help when an adware program entices you to visit "dangerous" web pages. And, antivirus software protects you only from known viruses. A malicious program may do whatever it wants to your computer. An antivirus program will ignore it, if it is not in its database. But, there is a solution. Protect your system from the threats themselves, not from specific software. Browser Sentinel brings a brand new level of protection to your system. It monitors critical zones of your PC for all kinds of threats, regardless of what software is trying to cause problems. It will alert you and help to remove adware, trojans, keyloggers and other Internet parasites. Browser Sentinel does not use a database of known intruders, and is, thus, extremely fast and efficient. Browser Sentinel is as useful for end-users as it is for system administrators. Advanced users will also appreciate features such as a task manager which shows extensive information about suspicious processes, easy Internet search for information about suspicious objects, and management of Windows startup, drivers and protocols. Add the ability to turn unwanted objects off or completely delete them, and the ability to kill processes that you are unable to terminate using the standard Windows task manager and you've got one fantastic protection utility!
Browser Sentinel
Browser Sentinel
Version 3.0
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